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    Hey! I'm 12p345 2nd In Command of FCP. I started Club Penguin in August 2011. It was Fun. Then in April 2012 i discovered cp armys. they were fun. Now im 2ic of a Successful Club Penguin Group!

My Return

Yeah I am back!

I am going to be really active from now on.

We also are changing sites due to the fact people are thinking we are super fighters of cp not fighters of cp.


This will be the last post on this site. (if anyone makes another post it will be deleted)

,Thats all for now, Slippykicky

ps. We shoudln’t do Generations. We are just gonna keep on going as a army.

4th Generation

We  arent  destroyed yet.. BRING  IT ON. We  Returned for our  Fourth  Generation

You really thought we were gone. Think Again!

Penguin days:
Penguin Years:
Any other cp armys?


New Site

If  you guys remember back in 2012, We lost our  Creator Slippykicky? (He left) Bad News.  Cpwarriorful has Retired. So you think   that FCP is going to be run by Me? No. Were Cleaning Up the Site and Moving.  New site posted in next Awesome Post. With a new Leader(Newish)


Old Times.

Hey fcp I found this cool thing about the history of fcp on smac, And it Includes our 3rd Generation!
It was by our old leader: JoeyMaster41 So here it is
Fighters of Club Penguin- History
Posted on December 27, 2012 by joeymaster41
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Hello SMAC, here is a post on the history of Fighters of Club Penguin.
Creation/1st Generation:
The Fighters of Club Penguin were created on November 17,2007 by Twins3401. The army was not a big hit, they did not even max 1 at events.The leader kept the army up until November 22,2007 then decided to close the 1st generation.
2nd Generation:
The 2nd generation was created on July 2, 2009 by America King and Field Ops Director. This site was also not a big hit, they still could not max 1. The leaders kept the site up until July 11, 2009 and this was the end of the 2nd generation.
3rd and Last Generation:
This was the last generation of FCP. The leaders of this generation were SlippyKicky and CPWarriorful. This site was a more big hit they maxed 4 averaged 5 at one event in their time. They had many issues in this generation with leaders and inactivity at one point, also some little hacking.
Leader Issues:
This was the time when the leaders had many troubles with leaders. The main leader SlippyKicky, decided to retire from FCP and he did not inform anyone he was leaving until a troop went on Minecraft with him and then he announced it. They held an election on who was going to be the next leader and they died before they could find out.
Hacking Issues:
They had some hacking issues in the army with their 2ic. The 2ic said it was someone who hacked him, but no one believed him and he was hated by the army. He threatened the army to war and also even tried to hack everyone on the site.
This was the time FCP died forever. The leaders were trying to fix all the problems and forgot all about the troops, the troops either got bored of the army or just disappeared. The leaders tried hard to gain more troops again, but failed and ended the army.The army died officially on November 28, 2012.

A picture of FCP during their inactivity

Its sad. FCP was destroyed so easily. But Now were back.

FCP alive!

Hello FCP,

This is news from your leader, Ower. I have decided to keep FCP alive. We are now DRFCP. We are not a violent cruel army. We are instead a peace loving army.

If you would like to join us, then what are you waiting for?